Lateinamerikanische Nacht

24 March 2023
8 pm
Internationales Theater Frankfurt

El Sabor and la alegría of Latin American rhythms come to the International Theatre with the concert "Noche Latinoamericana". A concert that celebrates Latin American music and its cultural diversity.
With this initiative, which goes beyond the dissemination of Latin American music, the Latin Orchestra of Europe pays tribute to a continent that has suffered and still suffers from countless challenges, but which, despite these circumstances, has enormous riches, especially its culture in all its manifestations.
"Noche Latinoamericana" promises a journey through the sabor and alegría of the Latin American continent to the rhythms of tangos, cumbias, danzones, zambas, among others.
On an artistic level, this concert offers a rich and varied rhythmic offering, characterised by the simplicity of its melodies and harmonies, which have made it possible to compose both classical and avant-garde arrangements, without losing the autochthonous origins from the various Latin American rhythms.

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