About us

Who we are

The non-profit association Latin Orchestra of Europe was founded with the purpose of promoting art and culture as well as science and research. The artistic, multicultural and information-oriented initiative is composed of renowned professional musicians resident mainly in Germany and in neighbouring counties, members of various symphony orchestras, operas and many famous festivals in Europe and worldwide.

Our vision

In its mode of operation, the LOE is an orchestra that can be heard in both small and large instrumentation, up to the size of a symphony orchestra.

The LOE aims to be a permanent orchestral group with seasonal concerts and didactic programmes, cooperation in opera and ballet as well as presentations of chamber music groups in concert halls, churches, and non-conventional venues.

The LOE has an impact on the artistic field through its pedagogical work.

In the pedagogical field, which has an impact on the artistic sector, the LOE, stablished an online academy for musicians from all over the world, the foundation of a children’s orchestra as well as centres for the musical promotion of disadvantaged children and young people in Germany.



The foundation of symphony, chamber and early music groups has as its goal the dissemination of traditional symphonic music, support for Latin American soloists and conductors, and the support Latin American and contemporary composers in Europe as part of their work. In this way, the LOE aims to promote Latin America and to unite Europe into a single orchestral core.


To promote the development of the musical activity of instrumentalists worldwide, both young people and adults, through regular musical courses and further education. The overriding goal is a strengthening of group identity and musical socialisation.


The integration of children into society through music is the main focus. Based on the assumption that the arts provide the most necessary aspects for social, spiritual, and cultural development of a human being, we strive to create centres for musical initiation and to create support especially for children from disadvantaged social classes in Germany, as well as to support social projects in Latin America.