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Camilo Sánchez Gómez (Violin)

Camilo Sánchez Gómez, Colombian national studying and playing in Feldkirch (Austria, AT), Liechtenstein (FL) and Lucerne (Switzerland, CH)

Camilo began his studies with Fredy Muñoz Navarro in Colombia with Batuta, the national orchestra system. He then continued with Antonia Kapitanova at the National Conservatory of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. In Europe he completed his studies at the Vorarlberg State Conservatory Feldkirch (AT) with Editha Fetz in the concert discipline. He is currently studying with Daniel Dodds at the Lucerne School of Music (CH).

During his studies in Colombia, he played in various orchestras such as Sinfonica nacional de Colombia, Filarmonica de Bogota, Sinfonica de Bogotá. He was a member of the Filarmonica Joven de Colombia and Orquesta juvenil de Camara de Bogotá. He has won the Soloists Competition of the Orquesta Filarmonica de Cali and the Chamber Music Competition of the Banco de la Republica with the Quartet Balzac and has taught with Batuta.

He plays regularly with the Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg (AT), Sinfonietta Vorarlberg (AT), KV 2018 (AT), Orchesterverein Widnau (CH) and the Orchestra Liechtenstein-Werdenberg (FL/CH).

Camilo plays a violin made by the luthier Christopher Lee Luethi, Sevelen (CH).