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Academy 2021

Welcome to the online academy for musicians, where you are the protagonist!

The LOE Academy is organized by the Latin Orchestra of Europe e.V. This academy was born in August 2020 at the time of COVID-19 and is designed to meet the needs of all musicians, whether beginners, amateurs, students of all levels or professionals who are interested in further developing their instrumental skills as well as broadening their theoretical knowledge in classical music. Its online format makes it practical and flexible, accessible to all corners of the world. During this course there will be individual instrument lessons as well as group lessons open to all instrumentalists under the baton of the members of the Latin Orchestra of Europe.

Instruments and teachers.

Violin: Florencia Araujo, Daniel Cifuentes and Luciano Casalino.

Viola: Camila  Muñoz and Erika Cedeño.

Violoncello: Kevin Guerra and Rolando Fernández.

Double bass: João Brasil and Joshua Chávez.

Flute and Piccolo: Marina Pierucci and Ruth Pereira Medina.

Oboe: Gonzalo Mejía and Sergio Sánchez.

Clarinet: Miguel Dopazo and Maria del Mar Rabago.

Bassoon: Luis Avendaño and Constanza Muñoz.

Horn: Emanuele Giovanni Urso and Andres Aragón.

Trumpet: Óscar Martín and Antonio Villanueva.

Group classes open to all instrumentalists.

  • Music Managment: how to develop your music career!.
  • Introduction to early music: Ornamentation.
  • Preparation for Music Festivals: Instructions, handling of technology for the submission of recordings and preparation of repertoire.
  • Mental training and further reading for the performing musician.
  • Home recording tips for auditions.
  • Reed making for oboe.
  • Learning and orchestral knowledge for clarinet: the art of auditioning.
  • Group class on studying abroad: how to apply for pre- and post-university studies at conservatories and music schools in France, Germany, and Austria.


Category ACategory BCategory CListener Category
2 Individual instrument lessons of 30 minutes each
4 Individual instrument lessons of 30 minutes each4 Individual instrument lessons of 30 minutes each_
_2 Group classes free of choice
Admission to all group classesAdmission to all group classes

Requirements to be an active participant in the course.

  1. Those interested in the course must complete and send the registration form together with proof of payment by March 17, 2021 to the following e-mail address
  2. Participants who are minors must present an authorization from their legal representative.
  3. Deposit the equivalent of the registration fee via PayPal to the e-mail address or WesterUnion. (See Categories).
  4. The applicant will be responsible for the shipping costs of the registration fee.
  5. Incomplete registration payments will not be considered.
  6. The student’s registration will be effective as long as we receive the form correctly filled out together with proof of payment.
  7. Once the required documents have been correctly submitted, you will receive a confirmation of participation in the course, as well as the schedule of individual classes and group workshops.
  8. By registering, participants authorize the organizing committee, i.e., the Latin Orchestra of Europe e. V., to use all photographic, video and audio material of the online course at its discretion.
  9. By registering, participants accept the rules and regulations of the course.


Obtaining a scholarship exempts the participant from paying tuition and will allow him/her to be part of the artistic activities organized during the LOE online academy from March 24 to 28, 2021.

Scholarship application requirements.

For a successful application, please note the following:

  1. Fill in the registration form.
  2. Send a video performance of a movement(s) of a work of your choice with or without piano from any of the three musical periods: Baroque, Classical or Romantic; via Wetransfer or Google Drive in one take without cuts to the email address The overall performance of the chosen work must be a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 minutes.
  3. The deadline for submission of documents and video is March 13, 2021.
  4. Incomplete scholarship applications will not be considered.
  5. The LOE committee will notify the results of the scholarship recipients on March 15, 2021 via email as well as on our social networks: Facebook and Instagram (@latinorchestraofeurope).
  6. The decision of the LOE committee is final and indisputable.
  7. With the acceptance of a scholarship the participants authorize the organizing committee, i.e., the Latin Orchestra of Europe e. V, to use all photographic, video and audio material of the online course at its discretion.
  8. By accepting a scholarship, participants agree to the rules and regulations of the course.

Registration forms.

For questions please write an email to